How do we choose the perfect timber for the job?

Consider the following features for your engineered wood product. Only Riverstone Frame & Truss offer such a wide range and guarantee the quality of the finished product.
Kiln drying

Kiln-drying of timber prevents rot and timber shrinkage. The timber becomes more stable, and warping/ distortion are minimised.
Mechanical grading

Mechanical grading takes the guesswork out of sizing. This method of machine-grading ensures consistency of the end product.

Treated or untreated?

Different applications of treatments match your job to a reliable, appropriate engineered wood product.

Your Riverstone Frame & Truss consultant can help you choose the perfect timber product for the job.

Options include:
  • Pine: treated or untreated, mechanically-graded
  • Dried hardwood
  • LVL i.e. laminated Veneer Lumber with different grades of treatment (enclosed H2, external H3)
  • GluLam beams i.e. glue-laminated, treated or untreated of different grades (pine, hardwood)
  • Particle board flooring, treated or untreated
  • Pre-primed posts, beams and rafters etc. with H3 treatments
More engineered wood options Including:
  • Tongue and groove flooring
  • Eave and wall cladding
  • Compressed flooring

With so many options available, you need an an advisor you can count on.

Trust Riverstone Frame & Truss on (02) 9838 3055 to cut the variables and quality assure your next big project.

Riverstone Frame & Truss provide the most logical, practical and affordable engineered wood product.
We prioritise the timber’s appropriateness for the job, not our bottom line. We’ve build a reputation on our quality and value for money.

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