Your roof trusses need to be done right, the first time. Our 88 years combined experience make us one of Sydney’s most trusted suppliers. With so many variables in truss projects, experience counts for a lot.

In choosing a quality truss supplier, clients need to weigh up
  • predictability of timber strengths
  • experience of truss supplier (avoid problems)
  • timber reliability
  • reputation of supplier
  • reputation for timely delivery
  • popularity with local trades
  • availability of H2 and H3 treatments
  • precision of finished product.
Every client is important to us, so we’ve considered your underlying needs in advance:
  • safety of installation
  • weight and manageability of trusses
  • ease of transportation
  • provision of well-engineered and certified precision product
  • avoidance of on-site amendments where possible
  • adaptability to changing needs
  • ease of installation, using our easy-to-follow instructions and layouts.

Combine 88 years experience across the building process with the internationally renowned Pryda software. Dedicated machinery, floor staff and managers ensure your specs are followed through and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Riverstone Frame and Truss are proud to take your project from a dream to a well-managed reality.

Call Riverstone Frame & Truss on (02) 9838 3055 for timely, affordable delivery of your important project.

  From a basic roof to skylights, box gutters, and attic spaces, we know what to do.
Whether you want large overhangs, cantilevers, hipped roofs, north lights, parapet roofs, anything: we have a cost-effective solution.  

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