Your wall frames are not as simple as they appear. They are pivotal to your building project and dedicated professionals are required.

Strict Quality Assurance measures in our production include:
  • Mechanically-graded timbers, ensuring predictable performance.
  • Kiln dried (more stable and lighter; no shrinkage, no distortion).
  • Dressed timber: for ease of handling and less weight.
  • Housing of joints for increased stability.
By time the frames reach you, you’ve got:
  • Perfectly cut and assembled walls.
  • Reliable, light, manageable components.
  • Easy to follow instructions and layouts.
  • In tact joints and…
  • Riverstone Frame & Truss’s overall ‘make good’ guarantee.

Our frame specialists have a full range of options. From termite-proof treated pine with a 25 year warranty to raking and high walls, Riverstone Frame & Truss will deliver a solution to suit your need.

In choosing a frame supplier, you need to consider:
  • Do the supplier’s timbers suit the task at hand?
  • Does this supplier prioritise timelines?
  • Will my project stay on budget?
  • Is the supplier experienced, so they can prevent problems?
  • Do they understand the specific needs of my project?
  • Do they offer after-sales service?

Riverstone Frame & Truss’s committed estimators and detailers ask all the right questions and provide the answers to a hassle free project. No loose ends; no cost blow-outs; no waste; and no cop-outs. Every job is supported by our ‘make good’ overall guarantee.

Call Riverstone Frame & Truss on (02) 9838 3055 for a timely frame project you can rely on.

Riverstone Frame & Truss employees have 88 years combined experience and we guarantee all our work.
From receiving your plans to delivery on site, every step is
quality assured at Riverstone
Frame & Truss..

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